Do what really gives you energy

The Amstervan helps you slow down. It stands for relaxation, adventure, and freedom. Together, find peace in nature and breathe in the fresh air. Do more of what really makes you happy. 

Whether it’s being together with friends and family, meditation, walking, mountain biking, surfing, reading. Or just enjoying a cup of coffee in nature. 

Step out of the rat race by getting away for a night, or a weekend, full of adventure. Your own holiday home is always right there, waiting for you to decide where you want to go.

Ready to go when you are.

This makes the Amstervan

* Pre-production vehicle shown on this website. Specifications and features on production model may vary.

  • DUTCH DESIGN    Designed and made by Dutch designer Manon de Beer and furniture maker Tom Kooijker. “Form follows function”, the van is made with high-quality, sustainable materials and fun color combinations.

  • MADE BY REAL PEOPLE     Every Amstervan is made with love for great materials and details. The vans are built in our workshop in the middle of the Netherlands.

  • FEEL THE SPACE      Spacial feeling thanks to the open passage

  • CLEAN (H)EATING      Cook and heat sustainably with the electrical hot plate and heater

  • RELAXT LOUNGE SOFAS       Like having coffee at your favorite coffee bar

  • GIN-TONIC WITH ICE      An extra large 50L refrigerator with 4,4 L freezer that opens to the front, just like at home

  • BRING YOUR BIKE OR SURFBOARD      There is plenty of room for big hobbies

  • SLEEP TIGHT (EVEN FOR TALL DUTCHIES)      Unique extra long and wide beds with nice mattresses

Experience the spaciousness

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Go for Forest Vibes, Blue Nights or Snowy Heights

Discover our colors

Choose from different color combinations, including cushion colors.
The van itself is available in five colors to choose from. Ask our dealer for specifications and availability.

Which one is your favorite?

*  Colors are always best to experience in real life

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minutes away from nature

Slow down, step out of the rat race called life. It’s now easier than you think. 

With an Amstervan right outside your door, nature is always within reach. Whenever you want, you can drive to a nice camping spot, towards the sea or to beautiful nature parks close by. Park, step out, and you’re there.

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Enough space for all your adventures

The Amstervan is built in and on the Renault Trafic. This bus provides the most loading space, and therefor storage space, by far. Ideal when you want to hit the road! The Renault Trafic is also extra wide, which gives it the spaciousness we are looking to offer. The open passage and the extra wide lifting roof provide you with all the space you need to go out on an adventure, without having to leave your freedom of movement at home. 

In addition, the Renault Trafic is equipped with all modern conveniences and luxuries. The Amstervan is available with automatic gear, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, airbags and many more possibilities.

Finance possibilities

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Who are we

Amstervan was born from a wish to have a nice holiday home on wheels.
It’s a collaboration between four professionals:

  • Tom,

    The smell of wood makes Tom think of his grandfather and uncle’s wood workshop. The wooden slats and curves had to become a prominent part of the van for Tom.

  • Manon,

    Beautiful materials and color combinations make Manon’s heart beat faster. The AmsterVan could only consist of the best materials, that make you feel at home.

  • Leon,

    Leon has been a fan of cars all his life. He started importing and selling cars at a very young age. His job on the team is to ensure that all the AmsterVans meet the necessary conditions and have the best specifications.

  • Martijn,

    Martijn lives and breathes camper vans. He has experience with about every type and knows exactly what the ideal motor home has to offer to be perfect. Your bike has to fit, you have to be able to bring a surfboard, and there has to be a lot of space for lounging.